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Ingrid Newkirk talk

What Would Happen if PETA Focused Only on Factory Farming?

People who use and abuse animals reduce them to numbers. But we shouldn't!

8 Victories That Prove PETA's Online Action Alerts Really Work

Online action takes only seconds but means the world to animals in need.
Baby cow ©Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Abused and Confined for Life

Cows on dairy farms live tortured lives before they're slaughtered. Calves are snatched away from their mothers often just hours after being born. The mother cows bellow frantically but in vain.
Jack the Rat

Antibacterial Cleansers: You Don't Need Them, and Neither Do Animals

Good news! After PETA submitted comments to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on ways to avoid tests on animals for antiseptic washes, the FDA found that the ingredients in question are not safe and effective, that products containing them cannot be sold anymore, and 9,000 animals were spared agonizing tests.

Urgent: Children Taught to Murder Baby Bulls in Spain—Take Action

Imagine that a baby so young he hasn't been weaned of his mother's milk is violently attacked by an apprentice bullfighter. He's stabbed repeatedly and falls to the ground before his ears are cut off—this is bullfighting.

Elephants in Captivity Need Your Help—Here Are 6 Things You Can Do

Ringling Bros. circus may have caved to public pressure and pulled the elephants it uses off the road, yet numerous exhibitors still stuff elephants into cramped, hot trailers and travel from venue to venue across the country.
Geese Kiss Goodbye

This Viral Photo of Two Geese Saying Goodbye Is Tugging at Everyone's Heart Strings

This post is another example that shows that animals are intelligent beings who experience complex emotions just like us.
Animals Used in the Leather Industry

14 Things the Leather Industry Doesn't Want You to See

If people everywhere were aware of these horrors, they'd be giving up leather in a heartbeat.

This Roadside Zoo in Virginia Is Closed Forever

This longtime PETA target has finally shut its doors. :)
Urgent Action Needed
bullet Ask Texas A&M to Stop Abusing Horses and Selling Them to Slaughter
bullet Tell Dade City’s Wild Things: Tiger Cubs Belong With Their Mothers
bullet Applebee’s, It’s Time for Vegan Options
bullet Exposed: Despite 'Responsible Down Standards,' Farms Still Live-Plucking Geese

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