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It’s been two weeks since the Brexit vote and uncertainty around the future is bigger than ever

Hi Manfred,

It’s been two weeks since the Brexit vote and uncertainty around the future is bigger than ever.

We knew that the environment and nature would be put at risk by a Leave result. Now it’s becoming clearer every day that truth, integrity and harmony have also been casualties of the way the referendum was fought – by both sides.
But there is hope. A lot is going to happen in the coming months, and we’re determined that the future is shaped not by lies, but by the truth.
Sign up to our new campaign to demand that the politicians come clean about where they’re taking our country.

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, chances are you have lots of questions for the people vying to be Prime Minister. I know I certainly do.

Maybe you want to know how they will safeguard some of the EU laws that keep our rivers and beaches clean. Perhaps you want to know what they’re planning to do about the dirty air we breathe, or climate change. Maybe you just want to know what will happen to your EU friends living here or what the future holds for young people wanting to live in Europe.

With a Tory leadership contest underway and a possible general election around the corner, the time is right to demand that our politicians do better by us all.
The next Prime Minister needs to hear what we are concerned about. So, sign up and tell us what you want the candidates to come clean about:
We’ve got a secret plan in development to take your questions straight to the Tory leadership candidates next week. I can’t tell you any more just now, but if you send us your question to the candidates, we’ll make sure your message is put in a place where they can’t ignore it.

Here at Greenpeace, speaking truth to power is part of our DNA. We hold governments and corporations to account on their promises and their actions.  Our crack investigations team is already working on uncovering and exposing the truth. They’ve found that one prime ministerial hopeful, Theresa May, received funding from Ukrainian oil and gas magnate Alexander Temerko, and we know that Andrea Leadsom is backed by climate change sceptics.

The UK public deserves to know who is financing their future leader, and what their interests are.

Most of us won’t be able to choose the candidate for Prime Minister - only Tory party members will do that. But we can demand that whoever the PM is, they come clean on the direction they’re taking Britain before they walk through the door of 10 Downing Street.

Tell them to come clean:

No doubt, many of us are feeling incredibly let down by our leaders right now. But it’s in times like these that standing up for the truth really matters. Greenpeace’s history is full of stories about people winning big victories by speaking truth to power. This is one of those times and I hope you’ll join us.

Thanks for all that you do,
John Sauven
Executive Director, Greenpeace UK
PS: Shaping our political future will take time, but something you can do right now is to pledge to stop racism and xenophobia. Follow this link to find out how to report incidents when they happen:

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