Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

This is what happens when you and I don’t do enough.

Rudy Smiling
Dear Manfred,

This is what happens when you and I don’t do enough.
Vida. She is the beautiful dog you see in this photo. Vida died just hours after this photo was taken. She is one of the thousands of greyhounds in Spain that hunters use to track prey. When hunting season ends, the hunters - in the cruelest, most savage, most evil ways - torture and kill these dogs. Yes, this happens year-after-year. No one with even a hint of compassion could sit idly by after learning the tragic life and death these gentle, graceful, loving creatures suffer. That's why I believe with all my heart that you will give $27 right now - or any amount you can spare - and rescue them from the unspeakable brutality delivered by humans who are so black-hearted that they abuse for “sport.”
I am asking you to give in honor of Vida. A truck driver found her lying helplessly in a ditch. She had been abandoned and run over. After hearing of Vida, the rescue group that your $27 will help fund - SOS Galgos - arranged to have her examined by an emergency vet. All 4 of her legs were broken. Unbeknownst to her rescuer or the veterinarian, she was bleeding internally. As she rode in the car bound for the rescue group, (where a surgeon was waiting to operate), she slipped into shock and then took her last breath.
Just as yours does, my heart breaks for Vida and every Spanish Greyhound put through hell because of the lack of animal cruelty laws and enforcement in Spain. We must end this disgusting tradition whereby Spanish hunters breed greyhounds for sport and then torture them to death. They are stoned, beaten, burned alive in black trash bags, or hung from trees. And with your support, Manfred, we will.
We are leading the fight on behalf of Greyhounds in Spain. We are their voice, their hope. We work with the heroes of SOS Galgos who devote every ounce of their time and energy to rescuing these dogs. They are limited in what they can do by a lack of funding. Greyhounds like Vida need medical care, food, rehabilitation, and homes. I am begging you to give - to show these sweet, shy animals that caring, loving, kind people exist and will come to save them.
With the deepest gratitude,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. This torture is happening right now in Spain. I understand how unthinkable it is to consider. But what’s even more unthinkable is knowing it exists and doing nothing to stop it. Your humanity, your love of animals, and your caring heart surely compel you to give so that these Spanish Greyhounds can live. All they have ever known is cruelty at the hands of humans. I beg you to reach out to them and touch them, Manfred - to heal them with your kindness.

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