Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Huge news!

Hi Manfred,

Huge news! Waitrose have announced that if John West don’t clean up their act by 2017, they’ll take their unsustainable tuna off the shelves!

Thank you so much for being one of the 45,000 people who emailed Waitrose calling for them to drop John West - together we sent a clear message that they just couldn’t ignore.

But we’re not finished yet. Waitrose’s announcement comes just one week after Tesco threatened to drop John West unless they sort out their supply chain. We’re on a roll - and now it’s Sainsbury’s turn to do the right thing.

Please tell Sainsbury’s to drop John West!

Sainsbury’s is the second biggest supermarket in the UK after Tesco - and last year they were in the top three in our Tuna League table [1]. Unless they want to be left lagging behind in sustainability standards, they need to follow the lead of these other major UK supermarkets and clean up their shelves.

Tell Sainsbury’s to do the right thing and drop John West!

Sainsbury’s will be feeling the heat right now - they claim to be a sustainable fish retailer but they continue to stock John West, whose tuna is caught using destructive fishing methods that are unsustainable for our oceans and marine life.

Since I last emailed you, Greenpeace ship Esperanza has found more of these harmful fishing devices in the Indian Ocean - most of them linked to John West’s suppliers. Whilst they clean the sea of these destructive devices, we need your help to clean up the shelves of UK supermarkets.

Tell Sainsbury’s to drop John West!

Together we’ve already had an impact on Waitrose’s relationship with John West - let’s keep up the pressure and make sure Sainsbury’s step up and commit to ditching dirty tuna once and for all.

With thanks,


[1] 2015 Tuna League Table:

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