Dienstag, 5. April 2016

Boknal Days are coming.That's when the torture and crude slaughter of dogs begins.

In Defense of Animals

There isn't much time.  So I'll get right to the point.
Boknal Days are coming.
It starts in South Korea in less than 16 weeks.  As foretold by the lunar calendar, the hottest days of the year are drawing near.  Boknal Days...
That's when the torture and crude slaughter of dogs begins.  The murders go on for nearly a month.
In Defense of AnimalsThese scared, sentient creatures will be smuggled to makeshift butchers by the sweltering, stacked-high truckload so their meat can be sold for Boknal Days soups and "health" tonics.
Starting in less than 16 weeks they will be hanged, boiled, beaten, electrocuted, and burned to death for the profit in their flesh and bones during this year's bloody atrocities.
I'm emailing to ask for your urgent help now:
Please consider contributing as little as $10 for your Boknal Days donation, to help IDA document, expose and hopefully end as much of the midsummer dog slaughter as possible.
I wouldn't come to you with my heart on my sleeve if it weren't absolutely critical.
However I have got to put IDA boots on-site BEFORE the slaughter begins.  Let me explain...
For more than ten years, trust and generosity like yours has funded IDA's fight to end Asian's entrenched dog and cat meat trade.
With your help we've achieved significant results: public pressure inside South Korea is mounting to stop this despicable trade.  And the illegal dog meat industry feels the pinch.
IDA MUST be ready for anything!  Please help now if you possibly can.
Click here to put IDA boots on the ground... in country... and in advance, and together we will alert the world to this despicable slaughter.
I'm so grateful for your generosity and conviction to this point, and hope that you will find a way to act fast, right now, by donating whatever you possibly can.  Just click here.  Please.
Until every dog has their freedom day,
Marilyn Kroplick, MD

Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.
President, In Defense of Animals

P.S. I realize this is a tall request. The staggering scope of the Boknal Days slaughter means I am asking you to put your courage and your hard-earned money behind a battle in which we will not emerge 100% victorious. The killings I witnessed last year during my investigation in South Korea are etched into my brain — the questioning faces of the dogs I couldn't save, their anguished cries pouring out into the night. Your donation of $10 now, or more if you can spare it, WILL make a difference. And please, after you give, keep us in your heart as we touchdown for Boknal Days.

IDA is involved in many projects to protect animals' rights, welfare, and habitats. Money contributed to IDA supports ALL of our worthy programs and gives us the flexibility to respond to emerging needs. 
Thank you for your support and consideration.

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