Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Remember when we got Santander to stop financing the destruction of the rainforest?

Dear Manfred,
Remember when we got Santander to stop financing the destruction of the rainforest?
They were loaning money to giant Indonesian paper company APRIL - but after Santander pulled out in February, APRIL wanted to talk. And last week, they agreed to stop trashing rainforests completely!
If they keep their promise, tens of thousands of hectares of beautiful, ancient rainforest will be SAVED from the chainsaws.
This amazing breakthrough couldn’t have happened without you. Here’s why:
A few months ago, thousands of us worked together to tell the high street bank Santander to stop funding a paper company called APRIL.
APRIL was turning Indonesia’s rainforest into throwaway paper, bankrolled by Santander - even though these beautiful forests are home to animals like the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.
160,000 of us signed the petition including about 30,000 Santander customers. 14,000 of us emailed the CEO direct and demanded he act.
Hundreds of us visited Santander branches all over the country to complain to the manager. Sometimes we even left leaflets disguised as Santander’s own promotional material, blowing the whistle on the rainforest scandal.
Santander quickly decided to cancel the deal. They wouldn’t lend the paper giant any more money until APRIL stopped destroying the rainforest.
This was just one piece in a global campaign. All over the world, Greenpeace activists and campaigners challenged APRIL’s customers to take their business elsewhere.
The pressure kept piling up until APRIL couldn’t take it anymore. Last week we got the good news. APRIL - one of the biggest paper companies in the world - had ended their deforestation. From now on, they promise to protect Indonesia’s forests.
This couldn’t have happened without you and thousands of other Greenpeace activists standing up for what you believe in. Together we’re protecting the forests where endangered Sumatran tigers, orangutans and sun bears roam.
This is a big moment for rainforest protection, and one we can all feel proud of.
Thank you,
Richard George
PS: We’re not slowing down. Greenpeace’s research and investigations teams are beavering away to uncover more scandals and dodgy deals - we’ll be in touch soon.

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