Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Sam shouldn't be alive today. But he is

Please help Sam recover.
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Dear Manfred,

Sam shouldn't be alive today. But he is. His leg has been shredded and then amputated. His nose and the side of his face have been chewed-off. He's been tied-down and tortured. But he is alive. Sam is living proof of an animal's remarkable capacity to live, to forgive, and to love. He deserves every bit of help we can give him. And it is in his honor that we will continue our crusade against vile, vicious, despicable dog fighting rings.

$20,000 to help end dog fighting and to heal victims like Sam. Just $20 from you can put us over the top!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for this mission. And we are so close! I'm asking you to help us get there – to help us make sure no other dog endures the agony that Sam has.

Sam was a bait dog, Manfred. People used him as bait for fighting dogs to attack. He was defenseless. Sometimes the dog fighting men will tape shut a bait dog's jaw or even tie the dog down so that the fighting dogs can simply tear them apart. His story proves just how cruel humans can be. They tortured him by letting other dogs maul him, shred him, rip him apart.

And this happens somewhere every single day. I will work until my very last breath to stop it. Sam is a reminder that we have much work to do. So please don't wait any longer. Please give right now. It can be $20 or even $60.
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Your gift today is proof that we humans are, indeed, good and kind. Yes, we will heal Sam. And together we will all put an end to the evil that is dog fighting.

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director
SPCA International

P.S. We're only $4,000 away from our goal. Please help us get there. Just $20 from you will make all the difference. Please pitch in.

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