Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

It’s been a fantastic week for the oceans!

Hi Manfred,

It’s been a fantastic week for the oceans! We’ve received news that politicians from the UK to Mexico have listened to us and have announced a raft of new plans to protect the seas.

A couple of months ago our little fishing boat, Rising Tide, embarked on an epic journey around the coast of England and Wales. Its mission was to help us convince politicians that they need to do more to support our local sustainable fishers who take care of our marine environment.

And thanks to you, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Your petition-signing, letter-writing and turning out in support of local fishers at events around the coast have had a massive effect. All of the main political parties have pledged to do more to support sustainable fishing by making sure that local, low-impact fishers get a fair share of fishing quota.

Instead of the bulk of the UK's fishing quota going to massive factory ships, politicians from every major party agree small-scale fishers - who protect our seas - should get a bigger share. Good news for the sea, sea-life and our coastal communities and all thanks to you.

Now we need to make sure that the politicians keep their promises, so can you sign here to make sure we can hold them to account?

As well as convincing UK politicians that they need to promote sustainable fishing here, after a massive global effort we’ve also convinced the Mexican government to take action to protect the endangered vaquita porpoises from destructive and illegal fishing.

Living only in a small area in the seas off Mexico, there are just 97 of these porpoises left. But after over 400,000 people around the world asked Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to act - he did.

With a temporary ban on the use of gillnets that trap the vaquita now in force, measures against illegal fishing in place and plans to work with fishers on long-term sustainable alternatives, the future is starting to look more hopeful for the vaquita. You have helped take the first steps in saving a species.

And finally, as well as promising to do more to care for the seas around the UK coast, the three main UK political parties have promised to create a vast network of marine protection areas in the world’s oceans. These safe havens will offer protection to many sea creatures that are struggling to survive, including sharks and whales. Together we have made the next government sign up to be ocean defenders.

News like this reminds us that whether we’re taking on big companies or politicians, if we come together we can make a difference.

Thanks to you, there will be plenty more fish in the sea.


P.S: As well as getting politicians to promise to do more to help smaller-scale local fishers in the future, we’ve been given permission to take the government to court over whether the way they allocate fishing quota is unlawful. Let’s make sure they know how many of us are watching so they can’t wriggle out of their promises by signing here:

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Hi Manfred,
Thank you for showing your support for local, sustainable fishing. Small fishing boats benefit our seas, fish stocks and coastal communities.
The more of us who call on our politicians to make the coastal champions action plan a reality the stronger our voice will be.
Can you ask your friends and family - especially those who live in coastal areas - to add their names too by sending them the email below?
Hi there,
Wouldn’t it be great if the next government put local fishermen first? That way our small sustainable fishing fleets would be able to catch enough to survive, and keep our seas healthy and stocked with fish.
I’ve asked our politicians to do just that, and the more of us that do the same the louder our voice will be. Can you add your name too?
Thank you!
Greenpeace UK

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