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Keep Baby Seals Protected

The EU ban that keeps millions of baby seals safe is being revised and special interest groups are pushing hard to weaken it. Take action now to keep the ban strong.
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Humane Action
Humane Action
April 10, 2015
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Keep Baby Seals Protected

Dear Manfred,
Once again, Canadian sealers have been authorized to kill 400,000 harp seals off Newfoundland in the upcoming commercial seal slaughter.
But thankfully, as a result of the European Union ban on trade in products of commercial seal hunts that was implemented several years ago, many sealers haven't participated in the slaughter in recent years -- and more than one million baby seals have been spared as a result. But the EU ban is being revised and special interest groups are pushing hard to weaken it.
Canada and Norway challenged the ban at the Word Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO ruled largely in favor of the EU, but took issue with some of the exemptions in the ban. In response, the European Commission presented a good proposal to make the ban more compliant with WTO regulations and the European Parliament and EU Member States will vote on this proposal in the coming months.
Special interest groups are pushing hard to undermine this legislation and your voice matters to the decision makers. Tell the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to support the Commission’s strong proposal to keep baby seals safe.
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
Humane Action
Humane Action

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