Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Canada's seals need your help

Posted By: PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (campaign leader)
URGENT: The horrifying, bloody seal slaughter in Canada has been underway for 4 days. So many baby seals have already died—we desperately need your help to end this cruelty. Please, make a generous gift today.
Right now, a mother harp seal is giving birth to a wide-eyed seal pup on the ice floes off the eastern coast of Canada. Just like our moms, this new mother feels joy as well as a deep sense of responsibility toward her newborn pup, as the chubby, helpless young seal is still too young to survive on the ice alone.
After a few weeks, this baby seal will shed his or her white fur, revealing a shiny "greycoat" underneath. It will then be legal to kill the seal for his or her skin.
For the last 4 days, baby seals have been crying out in terror and pain as Canadian sealers—the last proponents of a shameful, dying industry—bludgeon them to death with spiked clubs or metal hooks or even shoot them with high-powered rifles. It is nothing short of a massacre.

This suffering must end.
We're so close to stopping the seal slaughter forever, especially with bans on the sale of seal fur now in place in the U.S., the EU, Taiwan, Mexico, and Russia—which had been importing 95 percent of the pelts from Canada. We can't let the seals down now.
Your gift to PETA today will support our lifesaving work for seals and all other animals killed for their skins—and, in so doing, will help save thousands of baby harp seals in future years. Please don't wait—make your much-needed gift right now.
Seal images: © SeaShepherd Conservation Society



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