Montag, 18. August 2014

Greenpeace - coal mining company is going to destroy ancient forest

Hi Manfred,
Soon people in Mahan, India, will vote on whether to give up their rights and allow a coal-mining company to destroy their ancient forest.
There's a serious risk locals will be bullied into voting for the coal mine. People speaking out have been threatened and even arrested.
India's Minister of Tribal Affairs has the power to step in and ensure a fair village vote. But he'll only act if he sees the risk of a huge international scandal about the intimidation of people he's supposed to look out for.
We can show the Minister that risk is real with a fast-growing petition of thousands of signatures delivered to his office in Delhi.
Sign the petition to help Save Mahan Forest:
Many people in Mahan earn an income by collecting and selling seasonal forest produce such as mahua flowers and tendu leaves. But the plan to cut down this ancient forest of over 400,000 trees means they would lose these livelihoods, and the energy produced would be for industry, not people.
The community is very concerned about what's happening. It looks like some people in the government are using underhand tactics to force through the mine’s approval. The Minister of Tribal Affairs could step in and make sure the vote is fair - but he’ll only act if he comes under pressure from India and around the world.
Sign the petition now -- and local people will go to the Minister's office to deliver it:
Forests all around the world are under threat, along with the local people who rely on them. And chopping down ancient trees is one of the leading causes of climate change.
In Mahan, the proposed coal mine would destroy the homes of wildlife too. Mahan Forest is beautiful, peaceful and full of life. Will the calls of birds and animals be replaced by the buzz of a thousand chainsaws?
Let’s protect the Mahan forest, and the futures of the people who depend on it:

Thank you for using your voice,
Sanjiv Gopal
Greenpeace Climate Campaigner

PS. Dirty energy doesn’t have to be India’s future. In Dharnai, in the state of Bihar, Greenpeace has worked with locals to bring reliable solar electricity to the entire village, something the central grid had failed to do for the last 30 years. Click here to stand against India’s latest coal mine:

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