Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

REMOVED from YouTube!

Hi Manfred,
I think we might have offended someone. This morning I learned that our viral video calling on LEGO to break its lucrative partnership with oil giant Shell has been REMOVED from YouTube!
This video is the most-watched video  in Greenpeace history. Today, corporate interests are trying to shut down our efforts to expose the LEGO-Shell partnership for what it really is.
But we won’t give up that easily. Click here to watch the video they don’t want you to see and sign the fast-growing petition asking LEGO to dump Shell.
Shell needs LEGO because everything else it does is so bad - from being a driving force in the climate crisis to planning to drill in the home of polar bears. They want to use the positive image of popular brands to masquerade as a semi-responsible company.
It looks like LEGO and its corporate pals are more offended by a video than by the idea of Shell’s plan to drill for Arctic oil. Despite the real risk of a terrible and unstoppable oil spill in icy, pristine waters, Shell is determined to  plunder every last drop of oil it can.
Watch the video and add your name to the petition:
Just like it’s not OK for a tobacco company to market to children, an oil company has no place promoting its brand on kids’ toys. So that's why we’re asking LEGO to show the world - and our children - that an ethical company won't work with Shell.
LEGO said last week that it’s “determined to leave a positive impact on society and the planet”.  So are we! That’s why we’re working together to protect our oceans, rainforests and the Arctic.
If LEGO cares about kids, it will dump Shell, and together we can make it happen.  Watch the video and sign the petition:
PS. We love LEGO. But by partnering with Shell, LEGO has let itself down and put the Arctic in danger of risky oil drilling. The more people that join in the more pressure LEGO will feel:

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