Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Lego are putting Shell logos on millions of toys

Hi Manfred,
Yuck. Lego are putting Shell logos on millions of toys. The deal helps Shell look like a legitimate company instead of an accident-prone disaster!
Legitimate-seeming oil companies find it much easier to get permits to drill the Arctic than companies with a reputation for recklessness.
Let’s screw up Shell’s cover story by getting Lego to dump them. We need big petition numbers to show Lego their profits are at risk. Can you sign now?
At 10am today, Greenpeace volunteers sneaked into Legoland to create miniature Lego people protests – and kick off a PR nightmare. A photo of angry Lego people climbing a miniature Big Ben is already all over the internet.
If Shell is allowed to drill in risky Arctic seas, the result could be a massive oil spill. Lego’s website says “it is undisputedly our ambition to protect children’s right to live in a healthy environment, both now and in the future."
Oh, really Lego? Then dump Shell:
Lego is the most profitable toy company in the world. They have highly paid PR staff who work solely on protecting their family-friendly image – let’s get them firing off panicked emails to the Chief Executive!
It’s our kids who’ll pay the price if we don’t keep our planet healthy. So we’re blocking oil companies at sea, making plans to get an Arctic sanctuary, and targeting Shell’s business partners like Lego.
Let’s deal a blow to Shell’s plans – ask Lego to dump them:


Fran and the Arctic team

PS: Remember the sweets you used to be able to buy that looked like cigarettes? Tobacco companies wanted to get into kids’ lives early – just like Shell do. Let’s get Shell's logo off toys: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/lego

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